The Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Reviews for 2018

It was 1981. Our family and friends were all over for some lemonade and to listen to some records. Then our mothers determined it was time to learn how to properly vacuum. “You must hold the cord like this so the vacuum doesn’t suck it up,” we were told. “You can ruin the cord and maybe hurt yourself.”

Today’s vacuums don’t even need cords. That’s how much the industry has changed over the last four decades. What’s even more remarkable is that the best cordless vacuums have the same suction power as the traditional upright. That’s why they are such a solid investment right now.

The Best Chart For Cordless Vacuums 

Each cordless vacuum offers some unique strengths that will meet some specific needs. Use the chart below to find the vacuums that will best meet your needs so that your investment has real value.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner4.4$$
Eureka Quick Up 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum4.0$
Dyson DC59 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner4.3$$$$$+
Shark Rocket Vacuum4.4$$
Dyson DC59 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum4.4$$$$$+
Electrolux Ergorapido Lithium Ion 2-1 Stick and Handheld Vacuum4.2$$
Black & Decker Platinum 20-Volt Max Flex Vacuum4.3$$
Dyson V6 Cord Free Vacuum4.4$$$$
Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum4.4$$
Hoover Air Cordless Series 3.0 Bagless Upright Vacuum4.2$$$

What Is a Cordless Vacuum and Why Do I Need One? 

Cordless vacuum cleaners are the epitome of being able to clean anywhere. Once the battery is fully charged, users can go anywhere inside or outside of the home to clean up a mess. The suction stays consistently strong thanks to the nickel-based or lithium-ion batteries that are used to provide power. These vacuums are also remarkably lightweight and have a slim profile, yet still maintain the 9-12 inch vacuum head for fast cleaning.

The life of the battery is one of the most important features to check on each vacuum. Most batteries can put up with a year’s worth of charging, so the first step is to look for a cordless vacuum which allows users to replace the battery once it wears out. Charging times are generally consistent in the 2.5-4 hour range across the board. Most cordless vacuums provide power for 15-30 minutes in most cases. For those that have a boost mode, usage time may be as low as 6 minutes if the “turbo” setting is used for the entire session.

This style of vacuum can be a whole home solution. It can also be an effective tool to use for touch-ups so that a clean home can be consistently maintained. Their slim profile and attachments make them particularly useful for cleaning in difficult spots, such as stairs, ceiling corners, and attics.

What Is the Advantage of Owning a Cordless Vacuum? 

Every household will have some unique advantages that are experienced with the ownership of a cordless vacuum. Beyond the fact that there is no cord holding or range limitations, here are some of the other common advantages that come when owning this type of vacuum.

  • They offer real portability. Cordless vacs can be used as effectively in a vehicle as they are around the house. Use them to clean up deck debris, that pile of cereal that just got spilled in the kitchen, or the dog food crumbs that got left behind.
  • They are safer to use. Although the chances of electrocution are remote with all of the safety features on the modern corded vacuum cleaner, the cordless models completely eliminate this risk. Parents who are teaching their kids to vacuum won’t have to worry about cord yanking as they did in the past.
  • Multiple batteries can sometimes be used. Some cordless vacuums have the battery built into the unit. Others have the batteries plug into the vacuum and charge separately. For those that charge separately, multiple batteries can be purchased to extend the vacuuming time a single cleaning session may have. 

Are maintenance costs also an advantage? Cordless vacuums tend to require very little in ongoing maintenance costs, such as bags or belts. There is the eventual cost of a replacement battery to consider, however, which means the long-term costs to maintain these vacuums is about the same as any other make or model.

The lightweight nature of the average cordless vacuum is also a tremendous advantage. This allows users to clean certain locations more effectively so that leftover dirt isn’t being tracked throughout the house. 

How Do I Find the Right Cordless Vacuum For Me?

The first step in the shopping process should be to complete your due diligence. Use the chart above to locate the best makes and models that will meet your vacuuming needs. From there, compare them using our comprehensive reviews to determine if their marketing features are realistic or just a bunch of hype. Look for durability of the battery, consistency in performance, and ease of use as primary screening options in addition to your own particular needs.

Once your due diligence has been completed, the specific strengths of each vacuum must be evaluated. If you have area rugs on bare floors, then a cordless vacuum that won’t scratch those floors or ruin the rug will become necessary to find. Whole home vacuum needs will require bigger batteries and stronger suction. Handheld options should be portable enough to go anywhere, yet still have the tools that are needed to create a clean home or vehicle.

What Are the Prices of Cordless Vacuums Today?

When looking at the prices of cordless vacuums on Amazon right now, most models fit into the $150-$400 price range. The problem that is faced with this particular style of vacuum is that consumers must purchase the vacuum and a battery, which means there is an added cost in many instances.

Most consumers will be able to find a good cordless vacuum for less than $250. Some households may find a lower cost than this range for a basic vacuum that will meet their needs. Others may find a price above this range to have a superior level of clean. Either way, each vacuum tends to have the same on-board tools, charging times, and overall battery life.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

Dyson DC59 Animal

On a single charge, users will receive about 25 minutes of cleaning time after 3.5 hours of charging. There is a boost feature on the vacuum for those incredibly dirty spots that will cut battery life by up to 80% if used the entire time. A nickel manganese cobalt battery is used in the Dyson DC59 Animal, so the result is a fade-free vacuuming experience. Users receive the same amount of suction on the first minute of use as they do the last minute of use. 

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Shark Navigator Freestyle

The feel of using the Shark Navigator is reminiscent of the Dyson vacuum cleaners in how the swivel steering works. This makes it a lot easier to navigate around furniture or to get right up to the trim that’s on the wall. The end result is a superior clean feeling for the floor with every use. Users who frequently turn the vacuum on and off to pick up periodic messes may find that they get less overall use per charge than those who run through an entire battery charge at one time, but overall the experience is excellent. The circular handle is an added touch, providing a little extra control.

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Dyson DC59 Motorhead

Although some may believe the Motorhead version of the DC59 was intended to fix the “flaws” of the regular DC59 model, this is a different vacuuming experience altogether. This vacuum is perfect for those homes that have multiple pets because it powers through the dirt and debris with ease. Its brushes bring in a superior level of dirt, even when compared to other Dyson models, making it worthy of consideration. It might have a premium price for a cordless vacuum, but it is going to provide a premium result as well.

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Electrolux Ergorapido Lithium Ion

This is a 2-in-1 cordless vacuum option that lets you run it as a stick vac or as a handheld unit. It offers a variable speed performance and 180 degrees of swiveling to make it easier to clean the corners or around furniture without damaging anything. We really like the motorized brushroll. This gives the vacuum some extra power when cleaning bare floors. Hardwood floors are treated gently and the tools for the vacuum store on the charging stand. If you’re ready to do some Spring cleaning, don’t forget to pick up this highly affordable tool.

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Cords don’t have to get in the way any more. The ballet of cord holding is about to come to an end. Just get rid of the cords altogether right now. The best cordless vacuum will give you the same suction, the same cleanliness, and the same ease of use. Go through the reviews, select the model that works best for you, and you’ll never have to worry about catching a cord again.